Icing control system – DC HWI

ISOCOMP ELETTRONICA High Efficiency Inverter DC unit senses windshields temperature, controls the heating power for de-icing and de-fogging, implement BIT and ARINC-429 communication.


– 28VDC MIL-STD-704F inputs
– Heating power up to 2.5kW@115VAC, 1P
– 3 temperature inputs available for each channels
– High Efficiency
– Protected against short and open sensors failures
– Electrical: MIL-STD-704 compliant
– Environmental: RTCA DO-160G/MIL-810-G compliant
– Simple Hardware Only solution
– Operative enviroment temperature -40/+60 °C

Sector classification:

Aerospace & defense

Category of machinery:

– Fixed wing, rotary wing, UAVs, UPS and PG

Typology of device:

Heating electronics