Business objectives in compliance with a deep-rooted ethical basis.

ABOUT US ──────────── VALUES

Our work ethic

Our corporate culture is built on a strong set of values and principles.
We ask every member of our organisation to commit to sharing these on a daily basis.

The values in which Isocomp Elettronica believes and is inspired by the following:

Client oriented:

We owe a large part of our success to our customers and our overriding focus is, and always will be, on anticipating and fulfilling their needs and expectations.

Excellence and innovation:

This combination has allowed us to reach our goals and establish a competitive advantage in a challenging market.

Our people:

Achieving our objectives is a team effort. Every individual plays an active part in making Isocomp Elettronica a place where we are proud to work, learn and achieve shared results.


Demonstrating our values of transparency, loyalty, honesty and integrity is just as important internally as externally. The relationships we enjoy with our customers directly reflect our commitment to maintaining high standards of safety and reliability.


Innovating and producing high-tech electronic equipment is our vocation…



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