About us

Innovating and producing high-tech electronic equipment is our vocation

Our job is to study devices which distribute power where it is needed on aeroplanes, helicopters, electric vehicles and in industrial systems. We know few will be aware of the existence of the systems we produce, but many benefit from them.

Alessandro MasettiChief Executive Officer, Isocomp Elettronica srl

Our experience, combined with our human, financial and technological resources, allows us to design and manufacture high quality electronic devices and equipment used to:

  • convert electric power with AC-DC and DC-DC converters;
  • protect and monitor energy sources with battery charge regulators and control systems;
  • manage heating systems with de-icing and de-fogging units.
  • Using modern engineering automation instruments, we develop and produce high performing, light, small equipment. Our products are used in the:

  • Aerospace and Defense.
  • Automotive.
  • Industry.
  • 02. ──────────── MISSION

    Our objectives are threefold:

  • To manufacture increasingly innovative, advanced and reliable electronic products and encourage evolution in the aerospace and transport sectors;
  • To generate value for our stakeholders by meeting and exceeding the growing demand for high quality products;
  • To maintain a leading position in our sector by promoting a culture of quality, responsibility and awareness that without innovation, there can be no sustainable future.
  • 03. ──────────── STRATEGY

    Constant research in technological innovation

    Our success is due to our ability to meet clients’ needs for highly-technological, value-added solutions.

    By maintaining complete control of each stage of the product development process, we can respond to the demand for standardised devices, as well as innovative, customised products.

    Isocomp Elettronica has been founded on four fundamental, strategic principles:

    The creation of efficient

    standardised production procedures enabling us to identify and develop standard and customised devices for specific industry applications.

    Investment in ongoing research and development

    commitment to a multi-disciplinary approach to the production of safety-critical applications, the use of wide band gap (WBG) devices and the development of software for micro-controllers and FPGA;

    Strategic procurement management

    for flexible production processes;

    Development of an expert

    customer focused team committed to continuous improvement and building a strong workplace.

    04. ──────────── GLOBAL MAP

    Our devices dissemination

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    Our corporate culture is built on a strong set of values and principles.